Glacé de 3 ingrédients!

This scrumptious ice cream is so simple (only 3 ingredients!) and yet is always a winner. I have to give all credit for this recipe to Mrs Williamson, the lovely mummy of my good friend Sarah who I met at Vet School. The Williamson family own a dairy farm in Cumbria and this ice cream is just one of the many gorgeous homemade dishes I have experienced in their home.



  • 300ml Double Cream
  • 395ml tin of condensed milk
  • 4 x 40g bars of Crunchie (or Dime or any other chocolate you fancy chopping up and trying!)


1. Pour the double cream into a dish and whisk until it is about to turn into thick whipped cream.


2. Pour in the tin of condensed milk and gently whisk to combine.


3. Chop your favorite chocolate bar (Crunchie is advised as the best) and then mix to combine.


4. Place in a freezable container and freeze overnight!

I have made this ice cream today to serve with a dessert that I am making on Friday so……. watch this space!


February 2012: Edinburgh Vet School Cake Competition!

The time for the 2013 Vet School cake competition is coming…. and so I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on what I created in 2012 to take 1st place 🙂

My 2012 entry!

Each animal was made up of different shape cakes made up using a vanilla sponge cake mix, baked in various size tins. The heads of the sheep and the highland cow are also made from a small round sponge. The head of the hedgehog is sculpted from ready coloured brown fondant incing. I covered the sheep in butter icing and then mini white marshmallows. I covered the hedgehog in giant milk chocolate buttons and the cow in chocolate butter icing piped in a random highland cow like way!

Currently trying to think of an even more exciting entry for February 2013…. any ideas please do share 🙂